National Popular Vote

We work with people whose work really matters.

The candidate with the most votes should always win. Mayor, student council – doesn’t matter. 

Right? That’s why when it comes to electing our President, the National Popular Vote (NPV) is so important. NPV is a non-profit organization whose specific purpose is to implement a nationwide popular election of the President of the United States. 

Headed up by Ainsley Shea’s fearless leader Patrick Rosenstiel, we coordinate government relations and lobbying efforts in all 50 states. We use focus groups and polling data to hone our message and we measure success based on how many states pass the compact into law. Additionally, Jeff Pfoser and our creative team helped define the organization’s patriotic and optimistic visual narrative. The National Popular Vote compact has now been enacted by states possessing 165 electoral votes – 61% of the 270 electoral votes needed to activate it. Our tenured relationship with NPV proves our capability and performance. 

Ainsley Shea also helped NPV position themselves creatively, with Cameron Prudhomme developing a series of videos that explained the basics of National Popular Vote to the public. 

You need to get the most votes. Let’s win.



Creative Director

Pfoser is a One-namer. And his talents have delivered award-winning print, identity development, film, video, interactive, and mobile projects for the benefit of organizations like the Minnesota Department of Trade and Economic Development, marchFIRST, Priority Publications, Creatis, Easel Training, and ASI Communications. At Ainsley Shea – he serves as the pillar on which we grow the visual and creative work for all of our clients. Need any proof of our foundation? Check out the case studies. 

Cameron Prudhomme

Video Production Specialist

Graduating from The Art Institutes International with a degree in Digital Film and Video Production and having done work for 3M and Toro, Cameron has the education and the experience to shatter expectations. Whether it's shooting, editing or directing (his forte), Cameron has an exceptional grasp on both end product and every single part of the process – and best of all, he loves doing it.

Patrick Rosenstiel


Our fearless leader. Pat is recognized nationally for his expertise and results in politics, public affairs, public relations and business development. His objective as CEO of Ainsley Shea is to build the world's most effective and efficient integrated communications offering for corporate, government, and association group clients. And he’s getting it done.

Project Profiler