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Smoresonality: What Type of Smorer are You?

Just in time for the Fourth, the "What Type of Smorer are You?" infographic. Make sure to print one out and bring to your campfire to confirm that your family is indeed full of weirdos. 

The People

Bottom line – We love our work and get things done. Call, email, tweet us. Whatever. If you need answers and have a deadline, we’ll beat expectations. That's it.

Mason Henry
Web Developer
Nate Johnson
Copywriter/Media Relations
Ona Benoit
Creative Designer
Jing Zhang
Senior Counselor
Tyler Stuckey
Copywriter/Media Relations
Kevin Gaffney
Communications Intern
Caitlyn Stenerson
Junior Counselor
Tim Sanders
Senior Counselor
Branden Petersen
Senior Counselor
Robert Bausch
Senior Strategist
Annamarie Saarinen
Senior Counselor
Creative Director
Pat Rosenstiel

The Work

We solve a lot of problems in Business, Trade and Politics for clients who run some of the coolest organizations, industry groups and campaigns on the planet.

We are privileged to be part of their work.

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213 East Fourth Street | Suite 201 |
Saint Paul, Minnesota 55101