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Startup Spotlight: Viroment, Disrupting Sludge Disposal

Our client Viroment won Cleantech Open for its disruptive technology in wastewater treatment. Its technology takes a time tested well known platform for separating solids and liquids and modified it so it is able to address waste sludge in the organics...

The People

Bottom line – We love our work and get things done. Call, email, tweet us. Whatever. If you need answers and have a deadline, we’ll beat expectations. That's it.

Mason Henry
Web Developer
Jing Zhang
Senior Counselor
Kevin Gaffney
Copywriter/Media Relations
Cameron Prudhomme
Video Production Specialist
Christina Mailliard
Associate Counselor
Callie Summers
Senior Counselor
Tim Sanders
Of Counsel
Robert Bausch
Senior Strategist
Annamarie Saarinen
Of Counsel
Sara Croom
Managing Director, Ainsley Shea Potomac
Chris Martatos
Executive VP of Account Services
Creative Director
Pat Rosenstiel

The Work

We solve a lot of problems in Business, Trade and Politics for clients who run some of the coolest organizations, industry groups and campaigns on the planet.

We are privileged to be part of their work.