We are smart about startups.

Viroment entered Ainsley Shea’s life as a fledging startup with a breakthrough water filtration technology. Municipal and industrial wastewater – really nasty stuff – turned into water that you could take a bath in. Viroment needed an identity and investor materials in order to make tested systems a scalable business reality.

Viroment didn’t have a million bucks to spend on communications – who does? But they needed an executive summary, presentation materials, new website, brand identity, media relations and print collateral. Led by our Senior Counselor Jing Zhang, we covered the waterfront for this entrepreneur. Pat Rosenstiel helped to develop a marketing and communications strategy for the technology, which included a clean and easy-to-use website developed by Mason Henry. Today they’re winning international awards and quickly connecting with opportunities across the globe to incorporate their technology into water systems. Viroment is a proven example of our ability to be responsive and flexible with a lean, lean, lean, startup.

Ainsley Shea played an integral part in securing the CleanTech Water Award – a national recognition that brought Viroment’s business to the next level.

Have a budget – and bring it. We’ll figure out how to make it work.


Patrick Rosenstiel


Our fearless leader. Pat is recognized nationally for his expertise and results in politics, public affairs, public relations and business development. His objective as CEO of Ainsley Shea is to build the world's most effective and efficient integrated communications offering for corporate, government, and association group clients. And he’s getting it done.

Jing Zhang

Senior Counselor

Need an organizer? We’ve got you covered. Jing has an extensive background building connections and facilitating communication between U.S. and Chinese businesses, governments, and non-profit organizations. Fluent in Mandarin and English, she is helping drive Ainsley Shea clients’ moves into China and Chinese interests’ moves into the U.S.

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