We know science.

If you are starting out with something that is difficult to explain, like using genetics to grow a personalized human pancreas in a pig so that it can be transplanted into a human, you should check us out. Recombinetics came to Ainsley Shea as an early stage start-up, looking to access capital, ramp up technology and revolutionize agriculture and biomedicine with highly effective gene editing tools.

After Pat Rosenstiel and Annamarie Saarinen helped form a communications, branding and regulatory strategy for the company in 2012, our team got busy under the account leadership of Jing Zhang with our full capability set including investor relations, government and media relations, creative design, branding, and web development. Two years down the line, Robert Bausch and Kevin Gaffney brand mapped three separate divisions of the company to help solve the global protein shortage, solve the worlds great disease puzzles and extend human life.

After nearly $6 million raised and features in publications like Wired and Business Insider, Recombinetics certainly felt the power of Ainsley Shea’s help and we’re confident you’ll be hearing plenty more about this growing Minnesota company. 

If you think your business is over everyone’s head – let us bring you back to earth.


Robert Bausch

Senior Strategist

Wholesaling, retailing, branding, and product launches, Robert has done real-life work on the front lines with large corporations and small businesses, non-profits and associations, as a client and in consulting organizations. Doesn’t matter if you own a church, racing team, supermarket, non-profit organization, an online or service business – Robert provides the must-have help.

Kevin Gaffney

Copywriter/Media Relations

We brought Kevin on as an unknown intern, but his niche as a badass writer, intuitive story-pitcher, and strategist-in-training kept him on board. From biotechnology to financial services and renewable energy – Kevin has led a broad range of public affairs and public relations efforts while working at Ainsley Shea. Although his hair takes on various forms, he always exudes brilliance.

Patrick Rosenstiel


Our fearless leader. Pat is recognized nationally for his expertise and results in politics, public affairs, public relations and business development. His objective as CEO of Ainsley Shea is to build the world's most effective and efficient integrated communications offering for corporate, government, and association group clients. And he’s getting it done.

Jing Zhang

Senior Counselor

Need an organizer? We’ve got you covered. Jing has an extensive background building connections and facilitating communication between U.S. and Chinese businesses, governments, and non-profit organizations. Fluent in Mandarin and English, she is helping drive Ainsley Shea clients’ moves into China and Chinese interests’ moves into the U.S.

Annamarie Saarinen

Of Counsel

A self-proclaimed informatics nerd, Annamarie is all about the data. She's been honing her craft for 20 years in local, national, international public affairs, communications, and policy – and now she's a nationally regarded expert. "AM" serves on several state and federal workgroups, has provided testimony in support of critical healthcare, environmental, agriculture and education policies. When we need her, she's here to provide guidance for our clients (and we love her for it).

Project Profiler