Newborn Foundation

Non-profits. No problem.

We understand the needs and nuances of non-profits; and we love their causes. So we work hard for the Newborn Foundation and the Newborn Coalition, who serve as unrelenting advocates for our newest, most vulnerable citizens. Through pilot projects and healthcare initiatives that leverage health IT and other critical technologies, the Newborn Foundation improves outcomes and reduces disparities for newborns and their families.

As a founding partner to this vital organization, currently run by our own Annamarie Saarinen, Ainsley Shea’s team led by Jing Zhang supports the mission and growth of this non-profit through public affairs research, government relations counsel, branding and campaign strategy. What’s more, Jeff Pfoser and Greg Meyers continue to build upon the Newborn Foundation’s unique brand that exudes the tenacious attitude of the foundation and their work. We measure success by the percentage of babies in the U.S. (and, in the coming years, the developing world) who receive screening for heart defects and other newborn health conditions. When we started, the percentage was under 20; now it’s over 90. 

We help loads of non-profits get their missions accomplished.


Greg Meyers

Graphic Designer

Greg's been doing graphic design for a long time - in fact - he knows how to work a pen and pencil almost as well as the Adobe Suite. He's worked in a variety of agencies and corporate settings across the Twin Cities and we've been lucky enough to land him here at Ainsley Shea. If you need an eye for detail in your images, he's got it, and our clients are forever grateful. 


Creative Director

Pfoser is a One-namer. And his talents have delivered award-winning print, identity development, film, video, interactive, and mobile projects for the benefit of organizations like the Minnesota Department of Trade and Economic Development, marchFIRST, Priority Publications, Creatis, Easel Training, and ASI Communications. At Ainsley Shea – he serves as the pillar on which we grow the visual and creative work for all of our clients. Need any proof of our foundation? Check out the case studies. 

Jing Zhang

Senior Counselor

Need an organizer? We’ve got you covered. Jing has an extensive background building connections and facilitating communication between U.S. and Chinese businesses, governments, and non-profit organizations. Fluent in Mandarin and English, she is helping drive Ainsley Shea clients’ moves into China and Chinese interests’ moves into the U.S.

Annamarie Saarinen

Of Counsel

A self-proclaimed informatics nerd, Annamarie is all about the data. She's been honing her craft for 20 years in local, national, international public affairs, communications, and policy – and now she's a nationally regarded expert. "AM" serves on several state and federal workgroups, has provided testimony in support of critical healthcare, environmental, agriculture and education policies. When we need her, she's here to provide guidance for our clients (and we love her for it).

Project Profiler