We solve 2000 year-old problems.

If we hadn’t come along, you would still be using 2000-year-old technology to dedicate a Catholic Mass.

But we did come along, and we created Holy-Post.com. Now Catholics (anyone actually) can send digital Mass Cards for remembrances online, bringing that age-old tradition into the 21st century. For Holy-Post.com to get off the ground, Ainsley Shea’s Robert Bausch and Pat Rosenstiel created the concept, named it, wrote positioning and a business plan. From there, Mason Henry created an interactive website that allows users to personalize each Mass Card. To make the prayers a truly communal experience, we added a social functionality, which enables users to share their Mass Cards on Facebook.

Next, we connected with parishes throughout the nation – finding that many priests were excited to spread the power of prayer beyond the reach of their parish. After being featured in places like Catholic Mom Blog, Holy-post.com has a growing fan base and online presence and has celebrated over 100 masses across the United States.

If we can solve a 2000-year-old problem, we can solve yours.


Robert Bausch

Senior Strategist

Wholesaling, retailing, branding, and product launches, Robert has done real-life work on the front lines with large corporations and small businesses, non-profits and associations, as a client and in consulting organizations. Doesn’t matter if you own a church, racing team, supermarket, non-profit organization, an online or service business – Robert provides the must-have help.

Patrick Rosenstiel


Our fearless leader. Pat is recognized nationally for his expertise and results in politics, public affairs, public relations and business development. His objective as CEO of Ainsley Shea is to build the world's most effective and efficient integrated communications offering for corporate, government, and association group clients. And he’s getting it done.

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